Saturday, January 31, 2009

Card Making

I always feel ripped off buying greeting cards. You buy a gift for 20 bucks and card and wrapping paper is another 10 bucks. I’d rather spend 30 on the gifts and give the receiver a hug. “I’m too cheap to buy you a card, but happy birthday!!”

The one on the left is our last year’s Christmas card. Maya spent hours drawing the Christmas ball. We took it to a copy and print guy and he shrunk it (shrinking makes the image sharper too) to fit on a card. Best card ever…and Cheap! Sorry I always talk about being ‘Cheap”. Maya was thrilled that everyone got her artwork for Christmas card. She felt very important The one in the middle is a photo I took one day of Tori playing with a balloon. THe balloon happened to say “Happy Birthday” so we printed it and use them as birthday cards for various people.

How fun is that!?

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