Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cheap Dates

Years ago, I worked at a gas station in the evenings to make some extra money. When you work in retail, you start to notice things about people. Like when I worked at a coffee shop, I started to refer to customers as their drinks…..”oh here comes Large-white-chocolate-latte-extra-hot-half-sweet”. At the gas station, it was what kind of cigarette they smoked. I noticed this married couple coming in every monday. They each had a quarter and would select some penny candies or liquorish They never once went over the budget. They sat at our not-so-fancy sitting area with unattractive fluorescent lights above, talking for hours as they chewed on their candies. Every monday night, I looked forward to seeing them. It was so sweet. Fancy dates are nice. I won’t deny I like it. But cheap dates warm my heart so much more. Maybe because it’s so unpretentious and you really have to like each other to go on cheap dates.

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