Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mother's Love

Mar 5, 2008

Exactly a year ago, I got really sick. Hyper-thyroid. When I got home from being in the hospital for 5 days, I called my mom. My mom lives half way around the world, so it’s not like she can come over and watch my kids or help me out with stuff. I could tell she was quite worried but feeling helpless. My parents have always been great gift givers. I love getting parcels from them. A good friend told me once that people express their love and care by different means. My parents definitely use the gift-giving as their expression of love for me and my family. After talking to them on the phone almost everyday for a week, I casually told mom that Kelp and other seaweed are something that are known for helping to regulate the thyroid hormone. Now, my mom is a bit or a health-nut, plus she lives in Japan. A week later I got a parcel. My mom had picked out some beautiful gifts to cheer me up. New shirts, some favorite food, books, CD’s…I cried because I missed my parents. I like getting parcels not only for the things in it but also because I can always smell my mom in the parcel. At the bottom of the box is a great big bag…I wonder…a coat? a quilt? No…It was the biggest bag of kelp I had ever seen. Now, I like Japanese food. I eat seaweed. But living in the middle of beef country makes it hard for me to get the things that are complimentary to cooking with kelp…I smiled and put the kelp away in my cupboard. I call my mom and thanked her for the gifts. She told me to eat my kelp everyday…I said, ‘yes, mom’ and smile. Now that was a year ago, we have probably gotten about 4 or 5 parcels since then between Christmas and birthdays and such. Once I got this most gorgeous purse filled with…you guessed it….Kelp! With every parcel there is kelp…I tell Scott and we laugh out loud. I have enough kelp to feed…hmmmm…..100 people with hyper-thyroidism. I don’t eat my kelp everyday like mom told me to and I don’t tell her that I still have more than 10 bags of kelp. I open my cupboard and see the kelp on the top shelf and remember that my mother loves me.

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