Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winter Blues

I have been enjoying the delusion that winter may be over. It has been warm couple of weeks--above freezing during the day, even a bit of sunshine here and there. I don't do winter well. I've been cranky and unmotivated. Last winter, my good friend Sarah would drag me out of my misery and make me try things I would never dream of doing. She took me to a frozen lake and made me get on some old cross-country skis. I glided clumsily on the frozen lake with sun on my face.....I loved it. I surprised myself. I'm not an athlete in any shape or form. I was always one of those kids in your class that never got picked for sports teams. Sarah also took Maya skating once a week. Now, Sarah has moved on. I miss her. I don't want to feel like I was dependent on her to find strength, but it does help to have a friend who gives you a kick in your pants. If you think of it, it is terribly difficult to kick yourself in your pants...literally. 5 more weeks of winter, since Phil the groundhog apparently did see his own shadow. Maybe I will start some tomato seeds in my window. Take the kids skating. Next year, I will definitely have to get myself some skates.

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