Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Girl's Festival

I was reminded by one of the blogs I read that today is the Girl's Festival (Hinamatsuri) in Japan.  It is a celebration of spring as well as the special time of the year to honor daughters--prayers are offered for their health and happiness, special dolls displayed and festive food prepared and shared by families.  I have 3 daughters, but I don't think I have even thought of Hinamatsuri until now.  Perhaps due to the fact our ground here is still covered with a foot of snow and we see no sign of spring.  

Once in a while, I yearn for my girls to have the appreciation and connection to their heritage.  I really haven't done a good job of passing that onto them though.  They speak more Spanish than Japanese, thanks to Dora the Explorer.  We have no Japanese friends here.  

I said a little prayer for my girls today in honor of the Girl's Festival.  I hope and pray that one day, we can walk through the cobbled stone streets lined with cherry blossoms and share the memories of the days gone by.  


Delynne said...

Your Japanese heritage is such a special thing. I didn't grow up with any cultural/ethnic traditions at all, and I've always been somewhat envious of those with a distinct heritage. You should start celebrating girls day! It sounds wonderful!

Di said...

I linked to your blog from over at Good-ness. I love the photos of the cherry blossom! The idea of a girls festival is a nice one!

I am off to Japan in 3 weeks so I'll be posting photos on my return! I hope the cherry blossom season isn't too early this year.

I will be back to visit your blog again soon!