Sunday, March 1, 2009

Teach Me How

When I was a little girl, my mom taught me to do some small sewing projects. When I started to show interest in it, my mom gave me a pair of gold scissors which resembled a crane and a hat shaped pin cushion. I think my mom's hope was that I will always enjoy sewing and the use of creative energy. I have those little items still after 25 years or so and I think of one day passing them onto my girls. I think of the little cat pin I made with my mom, an "upside-down doll" and all the little projects. I wonder if my mom still have those things at home? I am glad my girls enjoy sewing as well. We have made some small cute projects together and they really treasure the time we spend together and the end results. I hope that there will be many more afternoons we can pour our creative energy together to create some master pieces...

P.S. Gingham fabrics are great for teaching your kids how to do cross stitching. Here is my 4-yr-old doing a fantastic job! Click on the pic to enlarge it to see her *amazing stitches.

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