Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring--a little peek into our life

Looks like spring is here to stay, although the forecast tells us 'snow on Wednesday'.  I am living in denial for now, which I think is good for my soul.  

Our Easter Eggs....  Using the brown eggs make them look like they've been dyed with some natural dye, which I really liked.  I get fresh farm eggs from my friend...such a treat!

Kids had an art show.
My bags are almost ready to hit my etsy shop.  


Di said...

It looks like spring to me. I hope that the snow stays away. I think that the kids have been having fun with all that painting - on paper and on eggs...

ranae janelle said...

i think i need some kiko's kids art for milo's bedroom walls...i have started a collection. can i commission some? :)