Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Little Update

For the lack of inspirational things to say......

* Spoiled rotten on mother's day
* Finished reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle"
* Vowed to cook more interesting salads this summer
* Made Black Bean Salad & Greek Quinoa Salad--Keepers!!
* New sewing machine
* Sold 3 more pouches
* Made a tote--great reviews by friends
* Need more time to sew
* Thought "Benjamin Button" was interesting and handsome
* Preparing for my baby to turn 2
* Started Aquasize
* Parents coming for a visit in about a month
* Still hoping to go to Oregon
* Really hoping to go to Oregon
* Very likely going to Oregon
* Vegetable garden growing
* Flowers growing
* Bought a Bamboletta doll for Tori
* Maya had her big haircut to give her hair for Cancer society
* Loving the hot weather
* Loving Mulbec wine
* frantically gathering ideas for father's day
* Anticipating a great summer with the kids
* Loving my family more than ever
* Missing my veggie burgers
* Anxiously waiting for the fruit, veggie and corn trucks
* Hoping someone will offer me some raspberries this summer
* Looking for a great cupcake recipe
* General disposition--content
* Hoping to help girls make a lemonade stand
* Wanting to read "Three Cups of Tea" next
* Craving fresh fish
* Waiting for my Kale seeds
* Hoping to make time to do some mosaic
* Really wanting to mosaic around my front door
* Still Lusting after this purse

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