Friday, January 8, 2010

Renewed Energy

Took a break from sewing over the holidays. Now my head is bursting with all the cool ideas and my hands are eager to start sewing again. This coming year, I would like to do 2 markets and put more things on my etsy shop which has been neglected for a while. I have been working on making more useful bags. I made this. Let me know what you think. It's about the size of those reusable shopping bags. You can see that I have added LOTS of pockets. The whole front (the stacking doll fabric) is another pocket too!

Come back to my blog in a while. I am thinking about hosting a giveaway soon.

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Anonymous said...


This is such a terrific bag! I've been really enjoying the 'calendar' bag I bought from you (it has been my purse, then my shopping bag, then my knitting bag, and back again). And now I realize I could use a few more! So I'll be checking your Etsy site regularly, because this new style has it all: terrific shape and size, cool style, and TONS of pockets. That's the one thing about these big cloth bags- little stuff does get lost in the bottom.
It also looks like this new bag you made is quite stiff, as though it could stand on its own. I'd love that, because sometimes cloth bags are so floppy that they tip over and things fall out, when they're set down on a desk or in the car.
Oooo! Gorgeous print, too. Makiko strikes again!