Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Growing Up

Yesterday, Mona declared, "I want to be a play school teacher when I grow up!" I was delighted and then exhaled a sigh of relief.

Mona is my middle child. She is a peace maker and is extremely easy going. She is kind and sweet. She is also easily persuaded and gets taken advantage of....A LOT. I really have to watch her interaction with siblings and friends because she gets pushed around. She is one of the sweetest children I have ever met.

Mona rarely expresses her own opinions. Her older sister wants to be a vet when she grows up. So did Mona. Her older sister's favorite color is green. So is Mona's. When we got the bunny (which was Mona's bunny), her older sister said, "what do you think, I think we should name him 'Spots'!" "Oh yes, that's a great idea..." said, Mona, although she really wanted to name him "Snowflake". She brings home the book order from school. She is counting out her allowance. She picks something out of the flyer. Her older sister walks by and says, "why don't WE get this?" which is not what she originally picked out. But she buys it anyways. Her older sister is never mean or malicious. She is the first born. And Mona is never disgruntled either. But sometimes I worry. What if when she is bigger, some kids may ask her everyday, "Buy me a chocolate bar with your money" or worse. I have seen it too often. The nicest kid gets taken advantage of.

"Mona, I think you would make a fantastic play school teacher... You are so kind and good at playing with little kids. I can't wait to see you become a wonderful Play school teacher". She wrapped her little arms around my neck. "That will be so much fun, Mommy. I love little kids".


Di said...

Hopefully she'll find her horns (we use this expression to say someone has become more capable of standing up for themselves and being a little mischevious too) one day (and I am sure that with those horns will come the ability to stick up for herself in the nicest possible way!!) I think being a play school teacher would be fun!

Anonymous said...

Makiko, I love all three of your children so much, but I must say, I have an extra soft spot for Mona. I can't say just why. It might be that she is 'stuck' in the middle, or that she is the quiet observant one, or that she is keen to be around the grown-ups and 'listen in'. There's something different about her. I just have a little heartstring attached to her for some reason!

And it's so obvious that she'd be an excellent playschool teacher, isn't it? She's just that tender-hearted, and interesting!