Monday, March 15, 2010

Wellingtons, Rubber Boots and Galoshes

I heard my British friend Barry use the word "Wellingtons" this afternoon when he saw my children in their new rubber boots. I love the sound of the word, "Wellingtons". It sounds so polite and smart, but of course, in order to get the full effect, you must have British accent when you say, "wellingtons". It would sound very pretentious if I tried. I also love the word "Galoshes". I remember when I was a kid, I would walk through the puddles to get the water inside the boots so it made the sloshing sound of the water as I walked. The word "Galoshes" sounds like the perfect sound effect of the water filled rubber boots.

I was a bad mother last year. I didn't buy my girls any wellies. I had some sad sad girls. When I realized the importance of Wellies to small children, it was too late. There were no more puddles left in town. I learned my lesson. Yesterday, we finally got them rubber boots. There is something just very pleasing about wading through the deep muddy puddles with your perfectly sparkly wellies. I remember that feeling. Such a far away past and yet it feels like yesterday. My girls spent hours doing that today. Until of course, Tori peed and wet her pants. It definitely is one of those happy feelings of my childhood.

~The photo above is 4 years ago. Maya is 4 and Mona is almost 2 in it....WOW!~


Di said...

Wellies....a childhood memories of summers in Scotland spent in wellies and shorts! No childhood here in Scotland is complete without a pair of wellies - as you so rightly say, allowing you to splash in puddles, climb in streams and burns to find tadpoles....

Krista said...

You weren't a bad mother. you live in alberta and would only use them 5 days of the year.