Wednesday, August 18, 2010


In this day of emails and texting, it has become such a rare thing to receive a handwritten letter in the mail. I love letters. I love getting mail. A while back, I had asked my parents if they would send postcards to my children when they are away from home. My dad travels extensively with his work. My kids love seeing stamps from different countries.

Once in a while, we get postcards. It is a highlight of our day. We have received many. My parents send one for each of the kids. From Spain, Singapore, Korea, USA, Sweden, Thailand.....Most recently, from Italy. We live through their postcards, trying to imagine what it is like over where they are. And the post cards are always signed off by "We love you and hope we can see you soon".

Maybe it's time for us to find a postcard and let them know how much we appreciate it and love and miss them.

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Di said...

You should email me your address and then I can send you a postcard from Scotland! There really isn't anything better than seeing the world in this way - apart I guess from actually being there!!

dianedundee @ yahoo . co . uk