Thursday, September 23, 2010

About Ice Cream Cones and Skipping

Ice cream is a happy food. It's hard to be grumpy when you are eating ice cream. I also think it's best when you can have it in a sugar cone and walk around outside.

Skipping is also in the same category as ice cream. People don't generally skip when they are sad. I am glad I get to skip with my girls when I take them to school in the morning. "Skip!" they coax me. We hold hands and skip. Heavy hearts are lifted. Smile on my face. Reminding me to not take life so seriously. We don't see too many adults skipping. Maybe if I did, would people think I am weird? Yes, probably. Sad, isn't it? I never want to be too old for skipping or an ice cream cone.


RootAndTwig said...

I'm an adult who skips! Also, I eat ice cream. But I don't usually eat ice cream WHILE skipping. I'm certain I must have learned not to do that in some long-forgotten, tragic moment in childhood. :)

Krista said...

I will be looking for you skipping around town. You know I will hold you to it! You're still welcome tomorrow. It is not a commitment, it is supposed to be fun.

Di said...

We spent a happy evening skipping down a long corridor at my friend's hen party (bacholorette) a few years ago - it was such a laugh! I don't skip very often but I do get the urge to turn cartwheels when I am in the park or on the beach!