Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Activity List

The Summer Vacation is upon us. In order to keep my children occupied and happy, I thought I'd make a list of activities so we won't be sitting around going...."mom, we are bored!!" Here is my list. I am trying to keep it simple and cheap and yet fun. Living in a small town requires some creativity....and that is okay.
* Make postcards and send them to friends near and far
-this helps us keep connected to our friends. It will make friends happy. Encourages creativity as we will be making them. It will help kids learn how to address letters and learn to write and spell better.
*Make Tinfoil Hats
-just because. It's silly. It's fun. It's cheap.
*Splash Park
-because there is a new one in town and it's free. Also try the one in near by towns
-because they have air conditioning. My girls love reading.
*Take care of our flower & vegetable gardens
-Share the loot with neighbors and friends
*Sprinkler under the trampoline
-So so fun!
*Sleep on the trampoline
-I might regret saying this.....
*Cook with each of the kids
-So they can make a meal from start to finish.
*Giant Bubble Experiment
-found here
*Set up Maya's loom
-seriously, in 2 years, she made 2 projects because I'm too lazy to set it up for her.
*Study Constellation
-maybe we can do this while we are driving down to the States.
*Use our fire pit often
-gives us time for slow down visiting time

*Rag Curls...
-because they are girls and school nights don't allow this often.
*Go to the OCEAN
-Oregon coast....we are coming!
*Learn to play Yatzee
-I bought it a year ago and we still haven't opened it.
*Homemade ice cream
-dust off the old ice cream maker
*Family Movie Night
-my goal is to actually stay awake for the whole movie....
*Teach girls sewing
-I have my heart set on making these hats for my girls in the next week to welcome them to summer vacation.
*Lemonade Stand
-It's the symbol of childhood summer memory
*Go to the river
-because it is the closest thing to the ocean here and we love it there.
*Make friendship bracelets
-You just have to when you got girls.

*Looking forward to the lazy summer days.....Come by and join us in our adventure*


Krista said...

Send post cards from Vulcan?

earthforaliens said...

Don't forget geocaching!

Alicia said...

LOVE! Happiness all wrapped up in this list and pictures! sO sO fun!

Alicia said...

Asher adds with a big smile :) "these pictures just make me think summer should never end!"

Sheila said...

When my kids come home for the weekend we still all sleep on the trampoline. Now that they have spouse/girlfriends it is getting a little crowded,but we spoon really well:)

These are great ideas Makiko. You can adopt me for the month of July :)

Di said...

It sounds like a wonderful list - and I am sure that you will all have fun doing the things on it - even sleeping on the trampoline! Can't wait to see photos from the trip to Oregon - I always loved your header photo!

dea said...

GREAT ideas :) You could mix the constellations with the trampoline night-- fun :)

dea said...

GREAT ideas :) You could mix the constellations with the trampoline night-- fun :)

lisa said...

How many of these things did you do? As I read this at the end of summer it makes me want the summer to start all over again so that I can make a list like this and live it out...