Saturday, January 31, 2009


These stockings could have made me rich if only I could have found a place to buy the fabric a little cheaper…. If I may say so myself, they are Gorgeous. They are made of velvet and upholstery fabric for the cuffs. I made these for some of my dear friends and their family members. Every year, when I hang them up, I think of those dear friends. I love that about Christmas and my decorations. Most of things I have have some memories or significance attached and I enjoy telling those stories to my children. One unfortunate part about these stockings is that I have never lived in a house with a fire place, so they’ve never been properly displayed. Once I have caught Scott looking through a hardware store catalogue for an electric fireplace, saying, “I really think we need a fire place so we can display those stockings” They really are worth it.

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