Saturday, January 31, 2009

mouse in a Blanket

Once upon a time, before the children came, I used to spend my spare time making little things hoping one of those things would make me rich. I did pottery dog & cat dishes along with ‘K9-kiko dog biscuits’, mosaic frames and mirrors, copper animal cookie cutters, Christmas stockings (next post) and other odds and ends. Nothing made me much richer. Every year, I would commit myself to submit a bunch of stuff at local craft sale and often end up staying up all night the night before finishing up all the craft items. This little mouse ornament was the one always made Scott say, “you need to charge more for your stuff”. These are stitched by hand. On half a walnut shell, I put a felt mouse with gold whiskers and bead eyes and nose and I stitched a little plaid blanket made of flannel. It’s a little darling ornament and honestly took forever to make them. But I used to sell them for…..whopping $1. Yes, you heard me right. ONE Dollar. I’m not sure I’m just way too nice or have some confident issues. No it wasn’t that long ago, although the price of goods have gone up since then…..(it was back in the 90’s). Anyways, every Christmas I hang these little guys on my tree and Scott and I look at each other and smile. Down the memory lane. Our carefree first years of marital bliss.

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