Saturday, January 31, 2009

Please Use the Front Door

One culture shock you may encounter if you were to move to the little town I live is that about 90% of homes here has a handwritten paper sign taped to their front door, which reads, “Please Use the Back Door!”. I hope this doesn’t come across as a criticism, but rather I find it kind of funny. If you come to my house, a freshly painted red door (which was my birthday present from Scott) and flowers in planters and wind chimes will welcome you at the front door. But if you come to my back door, you will have to first get licked to death by my friendlier- than - normal two Golden Retrievers, and before you get to see some smiling faces, you will have to climb through my recycling, million pairs of shoes, the trash I plan to take out, and rhubarbs and zucchinis and backpacks and umbrellas. I’m wondering what the reasons are for those signs. Maybe some of you who live here can enlighten me. Come over and share a pot of tea with me. And please use the front door!

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