Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not So Frumpy Turkey Soup

There are certain meals I make just so I can have the leftovers.  Turkey dinner is one of them.  I love having the leftover turkey meat in my freezer.  After years of making frumpy turkey noodle/rice soup (and they tend to get gooey mess), I have finally figured it out!  

Now I'm not a 'measure every thing' type.  Rather, I'm more a 'bit of this and handful of that' cook.  So bear with me.

Basically, if you make turkey/chicken soup from left overs, you kinda know how it's done, right?  I start by sautee-ing the veggies.  I use about half an onion, 2 carrots, 1 stalk celery and 2 potatoes.  Add spices.  Salt and pepper and thyme (anything that's good in turkey stuffing).  Add broth and water and cut up turkey meat and simmer until everything is tender.  And I also add a whole bundle of chopped up parsley.  I don't bother with any noodles or rice.  Potatoes and parsley do the trick.  Adjust seasoning before serving.  Serve with home made bread!  Yummy!  

The trick is potatoes and Parsley--a whole bundle! and also use generous amount of veggies and turkey.  The health benefit of parsley is just amazing.  Also, make soup early and let it cool and heat it up again before serving.  When the food is cooled down to room temp, the spices and veggies have the chance to let its flavors and fragrance release making it much better flavor.  It's amazing how sweet all the veggies become!

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