Saturday, March 14, 2009

Being Inspired

I am an artist.  I don't have a particular media which I do really good at, but I see life as a whole as an artistic expression.  The way we live, eat, set up our home, the way we wrap presents....and I do enjoy creating.  I've tried my hand at many things....pottery, mosaic, sewing, painting, cooking and music to name a few.  

I live in a small country town in the middle of the Prairies where Jell-O and Dream Whip are in the same food group as salads and dusty rose color and duck ornaments are still big selling items.   Sometimes, I yearn to be in a place where artistic inspiration is plenty.  The busyness of the big city with the most current and 'trendy' goods.  Museums and murals.  Fresh food market and live music.   I can't deny that when I have been to those places, I would just start scribbling away all the inspiring ideas.  I get energized and ready to go home and start creating again.  

But a few years ago, I had this thought.  This particular thought gave me peace and contentment.  I realized that I cannot live my life wishing for something that is not mine to have.  Always looking too far and forgetting the rich blessings of where I am.  When I do that, I am miserable.  When I realized that the inspiration can be right here where I am, I started to look within.  I realized that in the quietness and simplicity of the life here on the prairies, I don't have the distractions of the busy city.  In my heart and mind, there is space to just explore and be inspired.  A blank Canvas--what a gift!  I am an it is within me.  When I get inspired from all the 'new and trendy', I also realized that I am just a copy cat of what's already out there.  I love it when I can just sit and be myself and start creating something only I can make.  Those moments are sacred and rare and need to be treasured.  

So, I go outside to the wide open prairies and breathe the clean air......and start creating again.  


Brooke said...

Wow. Wonderful post. Just what I needed. Not sure when or how I found this blog, but this post really spoke to me tonight. Thanks :)

ranae janelle said...

oh makiko. this speaks to the heart of me. also just what i needed. thank you. far too often i dwell in that very realm of miserable...and just lately have begun my journey out...i think this has just shown me something that much brighter just around the corner.