Friday, March 13, 2009


I have a bit of obsession with photography--Photos that tell stories, capture the moment and the emotion.  I rarely line everyone up and tell them to say cheese.  Here are some of my favorite *moments* caught.  

*I love the expression on Mona's face.

*A little bored and tired of looking pretty
*Hand prints in the sand
*Running from the waves
*Mona & Ramona--Nice to meet you
* It's really hot, daddy....
*The day we brought Mona home
*Daddy Time
*Flowers for mommy


Di said...

Your photos are great! I think the picture on the beach is absolutely perfect = a real reminder of a perfect childhood in a perfect location! The anticipation is also a great photo!

Is that Ramona the Pest in the photos (the statue?) I loved those books as a child!
Less than 2 weeks till I go to Japan and I am getting very excited!

Valerie said...

Love this post... what great photos!


Anonymous said...

My heart leaped again as I paused on the photo of maya running from the waves. (happy sigh)