Friday, March 20, 2009

Practice, Practice!

I found some beautiful Japanese craft books on etsy.  It seems like Japanese things (fabric, books etc.) are quite trendy in the craft circle right now.  One nice benefit I have is that I can still read Japanese.  My parents were so very wonderful to find me some of these books for Christmas gift.  So, I've been really enjoying reading them and making some things from them.   One of the books has these gorgeous embroidery designs.  I remember when I was little, my mom always embroidered flowers on my dresses, backpacks and lunch bags etc.....Now, I do the same.  I love getting simple and plain clothes for the girls and embellish them with personal touch!  Here is the bumble bee I did.  I really like this design.  I am thinking of embroidering the bee on some of my zippered pouches instead of those little flowers....what do you think?


Jenivere said...

That looks great!

Di said...

You are right about the Japanese craft books being very popular. I think we all just wish that people would publish such beautiful books in english too! I am looking forward to seeing the entire selection when I go to Japan!

The bee is beautiful! My mum used to embroider daisies on my clothes - but usually when I had fallen over and made holes in them.

bees on the pouches would be great - or how abut a bee and some flowers!

ranae janelle said...

ooooooooooh, i love this kiko! today i saw lola @ the iga AND the bag you made. it was so fun to see it in person after having talked to you this morning :) see you on monday friend!