Friday, March 20, 2009

Stinky Dollies

In the parcel my parents sent us were these dolls.  I laughed so hard.  They are the dollies my mom and I made when I was twelve during the summer vacation.  That makes these dollies over.....ahem.......25 years old.  I must admit that they have this smell about them.  Musty and old.  I still haven't figured out how to wash them.  maybe I will hang them in the sun when spring comes???  

From the pictures, it looks as though there are 4 different dollies.  But in fact, there are just two.  The one on the right is the dolly I made.  You see the doll with dark skin, but when you flip the skirt over, you get the lighter skin doll hiding under the skirt, upside down.  If that makes any sense.  

Mom took it a step further.  You see the little red riding hood.  You flip her skirt and you get grandma.  When you flip her bonnet, it turns into a wolf!  Just like in the story.  

In spite of the musty smell, my girls LOVE these dolls and play with them for hours at a time.  Maybe one day we can make one together.....


Red said...

Oh my this made me go down memory lane...My Grandma and I sat one afternoon and made little red riding hood/grandma, and a bride who is also the groom upside down...I can see why the girls would have a wonderful time with them!

Di said...

The dolls are fantastic. I am sure a little hanging on the line in the fresh spring air will help!

monica said...

they're so lovely!!

(and I should think the sun and lots of fresh air should get rid of the smell!!)