Wednesday, June 17, 2009

As I sneak into my girls' bedroom and watch them sleep, I feel as though the time is slipping away like water running between my fingers.  The shoes and shorts from last summer are too small.   Time to pass them down.  Put the bike seats higher.  I desperately go and find those photographs from the years gone by.  Wanting for those tender feelings to return.  The smell of a newborn baby.  Play School.  A dandelion Bouquet.   Her first steps.  

After reading this post,  my soul is awakened as it defines what kind of a mother I want to be.  And yet, somedays (or most days), I am too tired and too lazy.  Not-so-nice-mommy-days, I want to do without.    I don't want to wake up wondering where the time went.  "Preparing the soil" in our children.  Sense of Wonder.  Curiosity.  Compassion.  Joy.  Oh this sweet beautiful world.  I want to discover with them.  I am hopeful.  School is out in 2 weeks.  Bird watching.  Shall we try some new recipes?  Watch our vegetables grow.  Lemonade stand.  Star gazing.  Learning new games.  I can't wait to immerse myself into the lazy long summer days with my children.  Lean together.  Make new friends.  Laugh more.  Breathe deeply.  Forgetting the dirty dishes and going to the park. Picnic.  Give lots of hugs.  Ice cream for breakfast.  

Our children have only one childhood.  


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way....
Yay for summer!!
Christine O.

Jo said...

One of our "traditions" is after a birthday party, whether we go to one and get cake sent home with us, or have a birthday party here is..... We have CAKE for breakfast.

It's a fun thing to look forward to.