Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tori

It's hard to imagine my life without her although I've only known her for 2 short years.  I feel as though she has been a part of my life since the beginning of time.  Today, we celebrate her.  This bright light.  This beauty.   A belly-full of giggles.    

I love it that I was CHOSEN to be her mommy.  I am her 'ma-ma'.  No one else.  Lucky Me.  
*We got this sweet Bamboletta Doll for her birthday.  "Polly" came from West Coast Canada, from Christina the creator and a team of people who work with her.  Everything is handcrafted with so much love and carefully chosen materials including cotton knit, wool for stuffing, wool yarn for hand knit sweaters and hair etc.....all the wonderful things.  I love being surrounded by things that make me feel the connection to the creator and knowing that it was made with so much love and thoughts.  And of course, no one was hurt in the process....that has become increasingly important to me as well.  It is truly inspirational.   We fell in love with her the moment we opened the box.  I have given Christina some ideas as to color preferences etc for the doll but didn't give her any details of who Tori is or anything.  But when I saw Polly, I started giggling, because Polly is Tori.  Two peas in a pod.  So cute.  She will be treasured for sure.  


Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Tori! Hope she enjoys being mama to little Polly :)

Motherhood is just amazing. I feel the same way as you do about my daughter. The day she was born I felt I had known her forever. And to think I thought I could never love anyone more than my husband or dog... just blew me away.

I have been reading your posts and looking at the amazing photos. I haven't travelled much across Canada but the photos I've come across from Canadian bloggers makes me want to take some time off and explore our beautiful country.

Thanks for sharing your stories... looking forward to reading more :)

Di said...

Happy birthday to your little one - 2 is such a great age! I love the doll that you got her - very cute indeed. I am sure that she will be treasured a lot....