Monday, August 24, 2009

I have the hardest time keeping secrets. Now, I don't want you to be worried, if you are one of those who have opened up your heart to me. I keep those secrets well. But I have the hardest time keeping things I am excited about, my latest creations or if I bought some one the nicest gift. I have to go deliver it even if meant that I was waking you up at 2 am just because I think you would love what I picked for you.

I've been working on some projects to fill a table at local Christmas market. I know it sounds crazy that I am already thinking that far in advance, but with the way life is going lately, I am beginning to think it's alright. But every time I make something, I have this urge to show some of my faithful *fans what I have created. But I am trying really really hard to keep it a secret, just so that when I do set up my table at the market, people will be excited to come see me.

I have made some good progress though. I had an opportunity to wander through Market Collective in a near by city, which is an art market with live music and some excited supporters. I was delighted to discover that I could possibly have a table there one day. I was also able to talk to some of the artists and one of them even offered to share a table with me next time. I think anyone can relate that when you meet someone who share the same passion, you get encouraged and reassured about what you are doing. I walked through a beautiful park to meet up with my family who were waiting for me at a splash park, picked up a falafel wrap at a deli, checked out "Shakespeare in the park". I felt alive and rested, inspired and energized. I do not regret or grudge what I do now as a mother. I love holding little chubby cheeks in my hands to tell them I love them. Endless cleaning and laundry. I would be lying if I said I never raise my voice--ever! It is a season and pretty soon, I will be begging the girls to spend more time with me. But perhaps because my life is so..... mundane and normal, I really cherish a day like last Saturday. I was just me, not 'Mona's mom' or "Scott's wife", just me. I met people who was thrilled to exchange ideas. It was fun!

I'm excited when I am able to sit and create something beautiful. However, as much as I am thrilled to sell something and be appreciated, when I do, I feel a bit sad, like giving up a puppy or even a child. I always give one last hug good-bye to my creations when they go 'home'. Kinda funny, isn't it? But maybe it's good. What I create is becoming so much a reflection of who I am. I put my heart into creating each item. It's more than 'making little money'. In fact, I really could care less about money.

I am looking forward to having a table full of my creations. Maybe it's good that I am looking forward to winter so much, since I usually dread the cold....

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Red said...

I still remember the time I got my first text from you and from just outside our home. There you were ready and eager to deliver the sushisha bag, love surprises!