Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Looking back, Looking Ahead

Feels like it was yesterday, my kids brought home a backpack full of school work and crafts. Where did the time go? Marks on the wall measuring Mona has grown almost 2 inches since the spring. All three girls have amazing tan from being on the beach. A week from today, they will be back in school.

Our summer was not what we had planned, but I am filled with a sense of satisfaction. We had been looking forward to our trip to Oregon, which at the last minute, had to be canceled due to lack of work for Scott. But plan B was also wonderful. We spent 6 glorious days in BC camping with some friends, deepening friendships and sharing sun and laughter. We stayed at a campsite which sits on a small lake. Our children, young and old splashed countless hours in the water. Meeting other campers and their dogs. Spinning on a Merry Go-around until we felt dizzy. Kids standing up for each other in the playground. Sharing food and many hugs. The joy that the simplicity of this life can bring overwhelmed me. I am glad and I am blessed to know there are people in this world that we can share these moments with. Friends know, like and trust. They are lovers and ally. They empathize. They are loyal. And this summer, I realized that I am surrounded by such people in my life. Aside from our BC trip, I had the joy of taking a road trip with my dear friend Ashley to go see our mutual friend Jo. Having many friends and family stop in and spending few nights with us. Sharing food and wine. I want you to know that you are gifts. The most amazing gifts. For some, I have not picked up the phone or seen them in a long time, but we just dust it off and embrace. Thank you. The time has passed and we have grown. So have our children. But we remain, our love and loyalty to each other deepen. And those of you I missed this summer.....I think of you all the time wishing there were more of me to come see you!! Miss You so dearly!

On a more practical note, I am already looking ahead. School in a week. Phew! I just want to (for my sake), write down the things I hope to accomplish in the next while.

1. Finish the 3 books I started--"Three Cups of Tea", "Obasan" and "The Curious Incident of a Dog in the night Time"

2. Continue working on my art to fill a table at Christmas Market.

3. Continue Running with Lola until it gets way too cold

4. Make some zucchini loaves and veggie burgers to fill my freezer

5. Smile!

6. Watch what I eat and lose that last 15 pounds, or even 20 :D

7. Enter the winter with a positive attitude so I don't get too depressed!

8. Prepare my garden for next year.

9. Oh and I am going to be voluteering with seniors with dementia to do some art with them--wish me luck!

There you have it. Now, it's time for me to go and enjoy the last week of summer with my darling children!

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Red said...

You sure have planted more seeds of friendship on my heart this year that are growing beautifully.
It may be time to harvest soon....