Friday, December 11, 2009


I love unpacking my Christmas ornaments. Each one hold a special memory or meaning. Some remind me of someone special. As I hold each one in my hand, I think of them and pray for them. I remember the first few years of marriage, Scott and I barely had enough ornaments to cover a very small portion of our tree. We would shove our tree into the corner of the room carefully arranging the only string of lights we had and hang whatever ornaments we had to the front half of the tree. Now, after 13 Christmases later, we have gathered so many more with memories overflowing our hearts. 3 more little people added to our family. I used to hate Christmas. It was merely another reminder of how alone I was. Now, I love it. We have some traditions. We have faith. We have peace in our home. Joy and wonder as kids listen ever so intently for the sleigh bells which ring in their imagination. I am surrounded by so much love. Merry Christmas.


Di said...

Merry Christmas!! I too have amassed a large collection but this year just a teeny tree so will have to pick carefully......

Have a fabulous family Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I love your tree and as always, your ornaments are so unique! The bird you gave me at my birthday I've decided not to use as a Christmas ornament, because I want to enjoy it more than once a year! It's hanging by my desk right now!
Just an idea for you: This year as I took the tree down and packed away the ornaments, I catalogued my special ones, by writing a list (description, with where it came from or who gave it to me, and the date received if I know it). Nothing fancy, just scribbled with pen on a couple sheets of lined paper. It's because I realized, when the kids asked, I had a hard time remembering about a few of them. Don't wanna lose that info: especially the ages the kids were when they made their little salt-clay or pom-pom crafted ornaments!
Also, Kiko, I smile every year when I hang our beautiful stockings, made by you so long ago! I delight to think that 'you' will always be with us forever at Christmas time! Love, Ashley