Friday, December 11, 2009

Making This and That

I love this season for just hunkering down and getting creative, otherwise the winter would really be dreadful, because truthfully, I really hate winter.....

I've been wanting to make these acorns for a long time. I had to buy the caps from an etsy shop down south though. They are so fun. I have some felted balls that are too big for the caps which I think will be nice to make into birds nest with eggs.....

I love these birds. Each year I give my girls Christmas ornaments. These birds became our favorite this year. I think I'd like to make some more to have them around the house all year. To view how to, go to this link.

I also want to show you some of the things I've been working on for the last 6 months or so. The first Christmas market was a riot. I had so much fun staying up way too late spending time with my dear friend Ranae who shared the table with me at the market. She's been my good friend for over 10 years, but we really haven't spent much time together, and this was so much fun. Here is Ranae at 2 a.m. She got a Q-tip fuzz stuck to her finger.....It was funny....probably because it was 2 a.m.

When I got sick of sewing, I brought out my fimo clay and played with my kids. These are my little robots....I love them.

Bibs are made out of men's cotton dress shirts with wool felt appliqué.

Cute little purse made out of very soft upholstery fabric.
My trade mark zipper purses. Oops! They need to ironed a bit. They are so cute and handy. My best sellers.
This is one of the many Vintage tea towel bags I made. They are so fun, because you never know what design you are gonna get. I have some towels from England, Australia, Ireland and some that are Calenders from the era I was born. They make great shopping bags!
I even painted. One day, I just got my water color out and just wanted to paint something. His name is Tobias. I printed it into cards for my family to use. I have 3 other designs of different Tobias expressions.
As I look back this last year, I feel so happy that I have actually accomplished something. Back in February, I told myself that I would like to open up an etsy shop and start selling some of my handcrafted items. So, my shop opened up and I sold a few things. I met some lovely fellow crafters. I sold some other things to some friends locally and I was also able to have a table at my local Christmas market. I was very satisfied with the outcome of the market and had fun sharing the table with my friend Ranae. I want to thank everyone who supported me and encouraged me. I am so grateful for the friends who stopped by the market. I look forward to the days ahead. I hope to hit more markets and maybe in a few years when my youngest is in school, I would still love to be doing this somewhat full-time. We will see what the future brings. I am happy when I am making something. I am also happy to say that when I see my stuff, I see the true reflection of who I am. Some takes forever to make and I don't make enough money off of them. But I haven't compromise the design or the uniqueness of the items in order to make more profit. I am just having so much fun.

Thanks also to my talented friend Mel for taking some of these pics above.

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Red said...

Hooray Makiko & Ranae!!
Love being a fan of all your this and thats! How wonderful to see all your hard work and watch it be so well received during this year,preparing for the market, and the big day. So many happy thoughts as You teamed up with a lovely friend who filled the table with you so beautifully. Looking forward to hearing stories as you pursue other markets and future dreams.
Wishing you many warm blessings this season as you celebrate the greatest gifts of the season.