Friday, January 15, 2010

Craft Hope for Haiti

There is no doubt that Haiti has been on everyone's mind in the last couple of days. We all want to do something and yet, it feels like there is so little we can do. We have a boy that we sponsor in Haiti through Compassion Canada. As far as we know, where he lives was not affected by the earthquake as much. But the country as a whole is in such a devastating state. They need us. I wish I could just hop on a plane go do something to help. Deliver water, look for survivors, clean the wounds. Whatever it takes. But I am so far away and prayers seems to be the only things I can offer at this point, although I believe prayer is a powerful thing.....I want to do something more practical!

I found out about Craft Hope today and I was excited. I know that I can just donate some money, but for me, donating something that was made with my own two hands feels like I am involved in the process more I decided to take part in it. The way it works is this. Anyone can donate a handmade item to be listed on the Craft Hope Etsy Shop they have set up. All proceeds (100%!!!) will go to Doctors Without Borders to go to Haiti.

The zipper pouch above is what I am donating. I just finished sending the information and photos to the person in charge. Just waiting for it to get listed and hoping that someone will buy it. If you are a crafty type, would you consider joining me by donating something you made to Craft Hope?

Update: It's been sold! Thank you!!


Di said...

It's really beautiful! I feel the same as you - that it is a great way of being able to help - Craft really can make a difference!!

Kmarie said...

I came across your blog and it is so beautiful! I love your profile and your creative humanitarian spirit! I am not very good at being crafty but you are an inspiration that makes me wish I was:)