Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shop Update & A Giveaway!!

My ever so neglected etsy shop has been updated finally. I have some fun stuff listed. I hope you hop over there and check it out. To show my appreciation for all your support and encouragement over the last year, I would like to offer a zipper pouch of your choice (small or large) as a giveaway! I may even stuff your pouch with some surprises too... :) This contest is open to readers world wide.

To enter this contest, Please leave me a comment below with......
1) Hop over to my shop and tell me your favorite item
2) Tell me what other things you would like to see in my shop in the future.
3) Flatter me, make me laugh with a funny story...whatever it takes to get my attention :)

One entry per person please. If you would like to link this post on your twitter, facebook or blog, you will get an extra entry each time you mention it. Just leave me the link in your comment.

The contest closes on Jan 31st. My family and I will choose the winner on the February 1st.

Thanks for playing!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kiko,
My favorite item in your shop right now, is the shopping bag-- love all those pockets, and the clasp. Something I'd like to see there soon: the exact same shopping bag, but in a darker color, so all that wholesome farmer's market dirt won't show so easily!
What I super-duper love about your crafts is how much attention you pay to detail, all the seams are perfectly lined up, and I know you spend a lot of time getting them just right.
AND I also love those bibs. My favorite was the pear one, which I know you sold already:(. Some inspiration for those...Maybe you could do some unusual food items on the bibs as well, if it's not too complicated for stitching. Like wouldn't a bib with sushi on it be cute? Or an eggplant? or a sunny-side up egg? or a pumpkin? or a slice of toast with jam? Guess you could go on...
Ashley Dunham

Lola said...

I love the green horse zipper pouch. But I also love all of the bibs. You already sold our pouch for Haiti. Yay!

Amanda said...

Hi Kiko,
I just found you from the Craft Hope Etsy shop. I love the pouch you made for it but when it was sold to some lucky soul, I followed the link to your lovely shop. And what do I find? A giveaway!!!!Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Red said...

You are truly inspiring!
Well my favourite item there is the darker sushisha bag and in addition the tiny bird on the lola dots bag.
Would love to see small childsize cloth shopping bags filled with play felt food, and maybe some more of your monster clutches (coin purse with face). Love all the detail you take as a task master, and your art of embroidery too.

lisa said...

My favorite item on your site is the zipper pouch with the pink polka dots and the sweet bird in the corner. I love it, love it, love it! But of course EVERYTHING is nice and great and wonderful (am I going overboard? are you blushing?) I think it would be neat to see some art items (non-functional)like those felted bird's nests, etc. Also maybe some kids items, like art aprons with lots of pockets. A funny story? Okay, so my Mom has never used dryer sheets, nor I, as she is ultra cheap. And oneday she went to go drop my sister and I off to school. In a rush she grabs her sweater from the laundry pile. As she gets out of the car a pair of underwear, which had clung to her sweater, fall off onto the school parking lot ground. A passerby says, "Maam, your underwear fell on the ground." And without batting an eye she says, "they're not mine. They're my daughters".