Monday, April 19, 2010


After making these bags, I decided to post them on my Facebook page and see what kind of responses I would get. In 2 days, I sold 4 for sure and 3 more people 'very interested' having one of my bags. I really want my etsy shop to be a little busier. I sold 4 things in about 1 yr I had the shop. Etsy is wonderful, and yet it's so easy for my stuff to get 'lost' as there are SO MANY things being listed everyday. The shipping cost via Canada Post is becoming very expensive as well. I hate to charge 15 dollars shipping on a 30 dollar bag. that just doesn't make any sense to me. But I also feel like it is time for me to get out of my comfort zone and start selling my stuff to *strangers, if you know what I mean. I live in a small town and I feel like I have already exhausted my faithful local fans. Don't get me wrong, my friends have been so supportive and wonderful. It's like when you have a home business like 'Tupperware" etc. and all your friends have hosted a party for you and now you have to get out and promote yourself to the world out there so you can take it to the next level. I feel like I am coming to that point, which is terribly exciting and yet terribly frightening at the same time. I am considering taking a part in an art market in a nearby city sometime.....what to do, what to do???


Di said...

Hello! Love the bags and I can see why they sold. I had a stall at an art market before Christmas last year (I shared it with 2 friends) and found it to be a great way to sell stuff, meet people and in general just had a lot of fun! I think it's a good step as you don't have to charge postage, people get to meet you and to feel and touch your stuff!

Anonymous said...

Makiko, I hope you don't think that we, your friends, are buying your stuff to do you a favor! All the bags you make are so beautiful and meticulously sewn that they are irresistible. We'd be buying them from a perfect stranger in a flash, but we're all just fortunate that we know the artist personally!

It is an understandable dilemma, since you want to get out into the 'public' market, that your friends are snapping up all your wares. But hopefully you can see what a nice problem that might be to have. To use your 'Tupperware Lady' example, your problem seems to be that your friends want to keep hosting more and more 'parties' and aren't being exhausted at all! I personally don't yet have enough Makiko Originals. I hope you are encouraged. But if it really bothers you, you'd better keep stuff hidden until you post it on your shop, dear. It's just too tempting for us all. At least you are charging us what they are worth now...