Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finding the Balance

Since I put up those hobo bags for sale, things are picking up a little. I have 7 outstanding orders for bags and such. I am not the fastest sewer so, this is plenty. Right now, I am sitting here wondering how I can organize my life in a way so that I can still be present for my family, cook three home cooked meals, get adequate sleep, get stuff done around the house, and then still have time to sew. I don't like having to stay up until some ungodly hours of the day sewing away. Good thing I have a very quiet machine. I want my production to be steady. Right now, it's like this. I sew sew and sew for a week, laundry piling up, staying up way too late resulting in grumpy me. Not so good. Sometimes when I am sewing or cutting fabric, I let my kids have some scraps. They cut. They sometimes do some cross stitching. Sometimes they do some painting at the same table I am sewing.....but other times, they.....well, ummm watch movies. I am trying to pace myself. For now I am trying to keep it slow and when my youngest is in school, I will really enjoy those guilt-free hours to sew. A friend who sew told me she gets up early to sew....not for me. I am happy though with how things have been coming together. I am way better at sewing than I was a year ago. I am learning to make my own patterns and I am getting good feedbacks. I put my heart into every item I hasn't become some boring assembly line production. It's still a form of art for me and not means to make money. The artist in me is fulfilled. It's good considering I have a commitment issue....not good at doing things long-term. So, I will take a deep breath, give myself a pat on the back and will plug away. I look forward to where I will be in a year, 5 years....even 1o years from now.

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Anonymous said...

Please don't feel rushed for making a bag for me. I don't mind waiting! Just enjoy yourself!