Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mona the Comic Relief

May 18th, 2010--Mona decided to go Trick Or Treating. God bless those wonderful neighbors. She got quite a haul. I told her she couldn't go again until Halloween. It's only cute once. But it was fun and Mona and her friends had the best day.

Mona said to me, "you know mom what I LOOOVE? "

"What is it, Mona?"

"I love Itchy-Bum noodles (as in Ichiban Noodles). I wish you would buy them more often"

Before I could explain why I rarely buy those evil noodles full of chemicals, we just bursted out laughing.....until we cried. I take life too seriously sometimes. It's good that I have my girls to lighten it up.

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