Monday, May 31, 2010

A Surprise

Do you remember Charlotte? I still think of her sometimes. When I came home today, Scott showed me a robin's nest exactly the same spot where Charlotte once built her beautiful web. It is right beside my front door, the one I go through several times each day. The nest is huge. At least 8 inches wide. How is it that I haven't noticed this at all?

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I have been going through a bit of tough time with parenting Tori. She is strong willed and 'no' seems to be her favorite word at the moment. I feel like I have lost the joy of parenting. The spark. I pray to God that Tori will learn to obey. Day after day. I am exhausted. I am surviving but my patience is wearing thin and I am not the fun mom like I used to be. It is no surprise that I have walked by a robin's nest 2 inches away from my head everyday and missed it completely.....I have been bellybutton gazing.

The robin's nest reminded me of the time when we used to go for nature walks. Talk about insects and pick flowers. Sit on grass and make friendship bracelets. It really isn't that long ago and yet feels like another life time ago. It was a gentle reminder that I am still that mommy and that the mother is the heart of the home. I am no longer praying for Tori to be obedient. I am praying that I will find the key to Tori's heart. How to touch her spirit. How to connect with Tori.

Scott used a few nails to make sure the nest is secure. I wonder if they will come back and lay those beautiful blue eggs. I am looking forward to the summer (by the way, it snowed yesterday here!!). The lazy mornings and slower paced afternoons. I am looking forward to spending more time with my girls and getting to know them all over again.

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Di said...

The eggs are a beautiful colour. I do hope that your parenting problems solve themselves soon! I am sure that they will!