Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I need to leave them alone for a while now. I nearly got killed by the angry mother bird (totally understandable) when I was trying to take these pictures. They should be around for 2 more weeks or so. I was looking for the beautiful blue egg shells to keep but they are no where obvious. Do they eat the shells for calcium? That's my guess for now. I am completely consumed by my robin's nest. The wonder of life.....such an amazing thing to witness. I can see how it affects my children and I like how it is softening their hearts to the world around them. I see Mona talking to her sunflower--"you are doing so good, sunflower!". Tori will always say "Hi, robin!". Maya excitedly sharing this experience with her class (we email the pics to the teachers). It's a beautiful experience.

Speaking of "being consumed", if you aren't tired of me talking about the nest yet, my robin's nest story has been featured in imagine childhood blog. They have one of the most beautiful and inspiring blogs about how to appreciate nature with your family. Their online shop is also full of wonderful things. Their staff is very helpful and friendly as well (Hi Sarah!).


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Thank you Kiko! We were so happy to share your wonderful experience in our nature walk series :)