Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bringing the Ocean A Little Closer

We made some fantastic seashell mobiles with the girls today. I even used Scott's power tools. :) Only a week until they start school full time. Our evenings are getting cooler....even frost warning last night (insanity!!). Trying to enjoy these lazy summer days as much as we can. hillbilly Jillies has a wonderful step by step instructions on here if you are interested. I used some wooden beads and hemp string. Our shells have been collected at the Oregon Coast as well as there are some that came from East Coast Canada (friends brought back a bagful for the girls for taking care of their garden while they were away). East meets West mobiles :)
After making the mobiles, we still had many more seashells. I went down to the thrift store and found a large glass fish bowl and filled it up with the shells. I thought this makes a fantastic bookend.....

It's lovely having those wonderful reminders of the ocean in my home.


hillbilly jillies said...

Thank you for the shout out.
It looks lovely, hope your girls enjoyed making it.

hillbilly jillies said...

Thank you for the shout out, very thoughtful of you.
Your creation looks wonderfula nd I hope you guys had fun making it.

Carolyn said...

Your mobile turned out just wonderfully! I always planned to make one...maybe I still will one day :-)

irish coffee and chocolate said...

I think your shells in the glass jar are so beautiful!