Tuesday, September 7, 2010

About Ramona, Betty, and Beverly Clearly

My girls and I love the Remona Quimby books by Beverly Clearly. This summer when we were in Portland, we found the Klickitat Street and cooled off in the Remona Fountain at Grant Park. It's one of our favorite places to visit.

M friend Betty is a retired librarian. She used to give Beverly Clearly tours in Portland and is in fact, friends with Beverly Clearly. In Betty & Wayne's home, she has a beautiful library filled with hundreds of children's books. Many of them are the first edition and others are autographed by the authors. My girls and I spent wonderful few hours in her library looking through books. Betty showed me some letters she exchanged with Beverly Clearly and some photographs and newspaper articles concerning the author.

A several years ago, Betty received a phone call from Beverly Clearly. Clearly lived in California but heard that this winter had been particularly cold in Portland. Clearly asked Betty, "how are my children?" referring to the Henry, Ramona, and Ribsy statues in Grant Park. So, Betty went down to the park with three scarves, fastened them around their neck and took some pictures to put them in the mail for Beverly Clearly.

Sweet stories like this must be remembered.

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irish coffee and chocolate said...

That's so cool! My girls and I have enjoyed Ramona a lot:) It's neat to know someone who knows the author! I emailed back and forth a few years ago, with Liz Curtis Higgs and it was great!:) She's southern and kept calling me honey or darling:)lol!