Monday, December 13, 2010

For Scott

Your hand.

The familiar grasp. Comforting.

Yet, my heart still skips a beat like a new found love.

I like hearing your laughter in the crowd.

I like seeing your eyes twinkle when you spot me in a crowded city park.

Sometimes, the hardest thing in the world is letting you love me.

I see my stains and imperfections.

I let them get in the way of your simple honest love.

I want to see me the way you see me.

Lines on your face.

I pray there will be more.

A sure sign of a life filled with joy and laughter.

As we create our history together, I hope I can give you a small glimpse of what is to come.

By giving you the 'heaven on earth'

Take my hand.

Take me to the stars

Take me to the depth of the sea.

I want to know how the warm sand and salty water felt between your toes.

I want to know the joy that filled your heart when you held your infant daughters.

I want to know the depth of your sorrow when you were misunderstood.

I want to know the pain I caused you by my selfishness

I want to know how the first warm spring breeze felt on your face after a long winter.

Our life. Small and insignificant.

Like a single star in the whole galaxy.

But for me.

You are my whole galaxy.

You fill it with countless stars.

Time will slow down.

I pray.

I want to stay here.

A long while still.

With you.


Jeka said...

that was beautiful!
what an amazing two are such a delightful couple and I appreciate your words of commitment and love. very inspiring.

Kmarie said...

I saw this title on someone else's blog - so I stopped by. You MOVED me with your creative inspiration. Very romantic. Your poetic gifts are incredible. I pray you continue to have a flourishing marriage with large doses of romance.
Merry Christmas!

RootAndTwig said...

I've missed your thoughtful blog posts, kiko. Please do it more often!
Your tender dedicated marriage is beautiful!

ForeverHis said...

You two always look so happy and it's touching to read words like these. I hope you have a lifetime full of moments that take your breath away!