Friday, November 16, 2012


I left the prairies for the ocean 4 months ago.  Dust is settling, but I have felt lately that I am giving myself a quiet slow burial in order to 'fit in'.  I am burying the things that make me who I am.   Is it because I am a peace maker and a people pleaser?  I do know though, if I want to find kindred spirits, I have to be true to myself and live it out.  Why is it so difficult some days?  I don't know if this makes sense at all, but here is my introduction.  This is me.  I needed to remind myself,  because somedays, I feel like I am fading away.   

My name is Makiko.  My friends call me Kiko.   I like the ocean, so I am happy that I moved here but I left many many good friends behind in Alberta.  I like to cook really great food.  I like ethnic food.  I like good red wine and microbrew beer.  Dark stuff.  I get annoyed when men don't offer me beer.  My most favorite moment is when I can share carefully prepared food with good friends while sipping a glass of red.  Maybe I will play my favorite jazz or Samba in the background.  Some friends bring instrunments to my house and I like that.

I like artsy stuff.  I have tried my hands at many art mediums.  Painting, pottery, mosaic to name a few.    I have taught myself to sew.  I was surprised I was pretty good at it--Good enough that people wanted to buy what I made.  

I like music.  I actually have a music degree.  I like singing in a choir.  I have enjoyed touring with choirs and being challenged musically.  I have also been  in musicals.  I like being on the stage as long as I am not alone.

  As an adult, I am proud to have attained a brown belt in Shotokan Karate and learned to jog as far as 10km.  But don't drag me to play any team sports.  I catch like a girl and I throw like one too.  

I love dogs.  I love the nature and animals.  I would rather be on the hiking trails near my house with my dogs than in a mall any day.  I do like to look at pretty things though.  If you come to my house, you will see some pretty things.  I don't buy random pretty things though.  Ask me about anything in my house.  Most things have some stories behind them.  I hang onto things with sentimental value.  I like vintage glass.  Bright colors in 60's style.  

I value my family, friends and my faith.  I like my alone time but am not very good at being alone.  I don't like eating alone or going to movies alone.  I like photography.  Something I'd like to invest more time in.  I dream of living in a strawbale house.   I like foreign movies.  

I would love to travel.  I would love to see the world.  So far, I haven't had much chance to do that.  One day.  Italy, Spain and Greece intrigue me.  I like history and art.  I like hearing people tell stories.  I like stories of the land I've never seen.   I like old people's stories.  Stories you can't read in history books.   

I'm a pretty good company.  I've been told I am a good listener and have a wicket sense of humor.  I will try anything once and I am not stuck inside a box.  I am a loyal friend.  

You wanna hang out sometime?


Di said...

I'd love to hang out - I think that you and I have things in common that we'd like to do - although I cannot sing.....but I love to craft, love to be by the ocean, love to be outdoors, I love foreign movies and to travel - and living in Europe I could give you some advice on great places to see in Italy, Spain and Greece! But I think we might be a bit far to hang out anywhere but the virtual world!

Hang on in there - moving is tough (perhaps why I am too scared to do it) and it takes time - or so my friends that have moved tell me......

Anonymous said...

I love it when we make time and we, the two of us, hang out. The kids are entertaining themselves. The dogs are relaxed. There's great food, interesting beverages - but not too much of either. The music is swinging. And there's you. My heart is where you are and I am smitten when the smile on your lips matches the light in your eyes, and those eyes are focused on mine. Lets hang out some more, soon.
You and me.
Oh, and bring that wicked humour . . . :)

Krista said...

Yup. Soon. Again. Thanks again for having us. It was really. really. nice. :)

Ashley @ Root And Twig said...

Oh! Me, me, me! Pick me! I want to hang out!
Miss you, Kiko. I like everything I know about you, and probably some things that I just imagine I know. :)

You're one of my oldest, dearest friends. Sigh...
Darn mountain ranges right smack between us. Why does Canada have to be so big?