Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Perfect World

In my perfect world, I would drive a “Cooper S”. Matte cream color with a black roof. It’s the one I test drove on my anniversary 3 years ago. I had no intention or the money to buy it, but Scott made an appointment–just for fun. Complete with a lunch date at Sushi Boat.

Instead, I drive a 92 Suburban. Royal Blue. Seats 9. It has all those little quirky-ness of an older well-driven vehicle. For instance, when turning left, the blinker must be manually turned off. Passenger door must be slammed shut…the list goes on.

If I were to drive my perfect little Cooper S, I would probably be losing my sleep over the car payments. On top of that, I would be a nervous wreck that kids might scratch the paint or fretting over the goldfish cracker crumbs on the seats. Instead, when I drive my Suburban, I am filled with thankfulness. You see, my Suburban was a gift. We have always been a one-vehicle family. But when Scott started working out of town, we started talking about being a two-vehicle family. I said ‘No’. I can walk. I love to walk. Everything is within walking distance. But after some snow storms and 3 little kids. I started to think…’Maybe, we are gonna need something’. But after the purchase of a house and some home reno, I knew there was very little money left for the second vehicle. So I began to pray. ”Cheap is good, but free is awesome. I’ll be patient.” While waiting, Scott is looking for a cheap van. We even test drove a few. I kept saying ‘no’. Scott is getting rather frustrated because he knew girls and I were walking in the blizzard and I was being stubborn.

One day, I was walking Maya to school. A friendly Acquaintance stops me. He says, “Makiko, can you use another vehicle?” I’m thinking, “Is this a trick question?” ”Well, yes, I could” He says, “you see the blue Suburban? We would like to give it to you and Scott.” I am speechless.

“Life is Good” That’s what my bumper sticker says. I have an extra baby seat in my Suburban. It is my way of giving back. I am rarely alone in my vehicle. I love it. I am filled with thankfulness for an answered prayer. It is a perfect world after all.

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